Monday, March 28, 2011

her voice

Annabel has really found her voice lately. When she discovered how to blow bubbles she used it in every context, trying to figure out what that sound means to others. Similarly, she recently discovered THE SCREAM and is using it every chance she gets. Let's hope she finds its place in the lexicon soon.

THE SCREAM is not so funny after an hour or so, or when you're burnt out after your 4 month old has not slept for eleven hours in a row. It's not funny when you can't tell if something is wrong and you strip her down and bathe her and rock her and nurse her and nothing works and you end up as cranky as she is. It is hilarious, however, when she belts one out and then looks around surprised (that noise came from me?) and then does a succession of screams, each louder than the next, her eyes getting bigger each time.

This clip is an average babble when she's slightly frustrated. It was taken a few days ago and I think she was experimenting with the scream, looking back at it now:

Annabel is also talking a lot to the baby in the mirror. It's been freezing here so we've been hibernating. We probably should get out more so she can make some friends.

Friday, March 25, 2011

4 months old

Dear Annabel, 

You are four months old! You've turned into a real baby now: active, alert, communicative, mobile, smiling. You are so much fun at this age. You learn new things every day - it's amazing how much you are always changing. Sometimes you like to sit quietly and watch everything around you. But mainly you like to "move" and "talk". You definitely don't like to sleep. You sleep about 9 hours every day/night, and the average baby your age sleeps 15. Everyone, including the pediatrician, is amazed how alert and happy you are despite this. But baby girl, you need to sleep to grow. Also, your mama would not mind having 6 hours of sleep in a row once in a while, or an hour here and there throughout the day to get some things done. Just saying. 

We think you are the cutest baby ever. You smile so much. Last night I woke up and looked over to see you pulled up on your tummy peeking over your co-sleeper and smiling at me.  You love people, especially other babies, and you seem so social already. You love being outside and being in new places. When you play you get frustrated and determined in equal measure. 

It's been amazing to watch you grow from a teeny tiny crying newborn into such a personality. And we're so excited to watch you learn to sign, to talk, to eat food, to pet the animals, to dance. But mostly we just love living each day with you since each moment brings us so much joy. 

You are so loved Annabel-
Your mama

Thursday, March 24, 2011


No longer can I leave her in one spot and expect to find her there again. Little girl is on the move. She "crawls" now, if motivated. Tugging the carpet, heaving herself forward, swimming her legs, whatever it takes to get from A to B. I put her down on her play gym - in the middle, on her back, and here's what happens:

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I found my feet!

 They make the best carseat toys...

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Saturday, March 19, 2011


You would think the way Annabel tries to stick everything in her mouth now that she would love a pacifier. But she makes a funny face and spits it out whenever I try to give her one, and I've tried four different kinds. This is the most she's ever done with one:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Toes

I was going through the camera's memory card and found this cute video Gabe took of Annabel:

pro pics

LunahZon has done it again and took amazing photos of our little girl. Check them out here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Right now I am listening to Gabe read Annabel 'Goodnight Moon' over the monitor. I needed a break. This is what I did today:  took Conan to and from daycare, swept and mopped the kitchen and living room, cleaned the entire kitchen including stove & broiler, washed all dishes x2, ate breakfast & lunch, took care of a baby all day including taking 45 mins to convince her that yes she really did need an afternoon nap, straightened the living room, did 4 loads of laundry, made strawberry ice cream, made an amazing dinner of basmati rice, tandoori chicken and spiced lentils, researched houses and made cloth wipe solution.  I'm pretty sure I was never that productive at any 'real' job I ever had!

Monday, March 14, 2011

catching up

Given traveling, lots of nighttime hours up with baby, and a problem posting pics on here I'm way behind. So here's a little catch up in no particular order:

* Annabel and I went on her first flight for my sister's baby shower. The flight left at 5:30 a.m. I sat next to an obviously angry lady, and surmising why I broached the subject by saying it was my baby's first flight and I don't know how she'll do. The angry lady made an angry face and said she was going to get another seat. Unfortunately for both of us the flight was full. Annabel fell asleep before take off and only woke when the pilot announced the descent. She cried for a minute and then nursed quietly the rest of the flight. So there, angry lady.

* My mom got Annabel a beautiful party dress. Annabel really enjoyed trying to eat it.

* My sister's baby is due April 11, which is soon. SO EXCITED to meet her. 

* Annabel is making different consonant sounds now. She says the 'm' sound a lot when she's crying. Which translates into her crying, looking at me and saying what sounds like 'mamamamama'. This is very sad when I don't know what she needs, and I guess is preparing me for the inevitable heartbreak of not being able to fix everything for her.

* Weekends are the best things ever right now. Besides the fact that we're getting lucky with sunny days in the 70's, they are very different with a baby. Before, Gabe and I would do our separate projects a lot of the time. Now we usually grab baby and dog, and try to stay outside as much as possible. It feels so much more like a family. Yesterday we wanted to take the dog to scamper in the lake at a place we couldn't quite remember how to get to. My husband thought he remembered, but prepared me that he was taking the scenic route. Needless to say we ended up somewhere random. Luckily for him I love transporting aimlessly and finding new spots like here

* At least once a week we discover somewhere new and I say, "This is a fabulous place to fly a kite." I have been saying this for over a year now, but with no real intention to fly a kite. I can't remember the last time I flew a kite. I realize now what I'm saying is 'Wow, I am in open space. This is fabulous."  I tried to think back to where you could fly a kite in Boston. The Esplanade? And that's still jam packed with people on nice days. I really love living here. 

* We went to Open Barn day at Celebrity Dairy about 15 minutes west. Most of the pictures on Picasa right now are from there. It was so sunny and pleasant and Annabel seemed to love being out there. We took some videos I'll post soon. On the drive home we went through a town called Silk Hope..isn't that a beautiful name?  We also discovered a winery out there. And tons of places to fly kites. 

* Since we got back from NJ Annabel has decided to go back in newborn sleep mode. I'm up every 2 to 3 hours with her. At least she goes right back to sleep after eating, but I'm hoping this is a brief phase due to a growth spurt or teething or something. 

* The great Trust the Boobies Experiment seems to have been a success. It's now been 1 1/2 weeks that I haven't gone near my breast pump with no horrendous consequences. I faltered one night when I was a sleepless zombie and I wondered if Annabel wasn't eating enough and that's why she was up all night. So I offered her a bottle from my frozen stash. She hardly ate anything extra and still was up. I like not feeling attached to the thing. In celebration Conan ate one of the breast shields off the counter this morning. Hooray?

* This morning I velcroed up Annabel's diaper cover and she immediately reached down, pulled the velcro off and smiled at me. Seriously? I thought I wouldn't have to deal with that for quite a while. Her favorite thing lately is blowing bubbles really loud and sticking out her tongue. She is so much fun. 

* Gabe was talking yesterday about some of his work plans. He asked me what I have as goals for the next few years. I was a bit speechless, because all I could think of was be a good mom and nothing else felt so important. There's also the practical aspect that I feel productive if I can make dinner, much less work all day or start a business or do a creative project. Then I felt bad that I'm so all consumed with motherhood that I may have let personal goals slip. Then I felt bad that I felt I have to apologize to myself for thinking motherhood is not a worthy goal in itself. The moral of the story: Alysa can make herself feel bad about anything given enough time to analyze said thing. 

* On Picasa, when anyone comments it comes up that I wrote it, even if I haven't. Anyone know why?

* I started using my ice cream maker. I am making ice cream, people. I don't know if I love ice cream too much, or am starved for a creative outlet, but I am wicked excited. 

* We started a weekly playgroup with about 5 or 6 other babies. I think one of Annabel's favorite things to do is smile at other babies. She loves smiling and talking to the one in the mirror, too. And at storytime we were near the door and she greeted all the new kids with her huge gummy soundless grin. She is like a baby welcome wagon. 

* When Conan is in the back of the wagon (car) and facing out towards the other cars, I always think we're doing a community service. It has to make people feel better to drive behind a cute puppy staring at them. 

* Apparently I've been singing "The Inky Dinky Spider" my entire adult life. Gabe called me out on this, with much laughter. I read that babies Annabel's age enjoy pattycake. Neither of us remembered that so we watched other parents play pattycake with their babies on youtube first. We live in strange times. Annabel really loves the 'roll it' part, a lot. We couldn't hear what youtube mom said after that so we say 'throw it all away'. 

* I'm going to make horchata now.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Annabel rolls over

first time i've seen her roll tummy to back and i got it on video!


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