Monday, March 28, 2011

her voice

Annabel has really found her voice lately. When she discovered how to blow bubbles she used it in every context, trying to figure out what that sound means to others. Similarly, she recently discovered THE SCREAM and is using it every chance she gets. Let's hope she finds its place in the lexicon soon.

THE SCREAM is not so funny after an hour or so, or when you're burnt out after your 4 month old has not slept for eleven hours in a row. It's not funny when you can't tell if something is wrong and you strip her down and bathe her and rock her and nurse her and nothing works and you end up as cranky as she is. It is hilarious, however, when she belts one out and then looks around surprised (that noise came from me?) and then does a succession of screams, each louder than the next, her eyes getting bigger each time.

This clip is an average babble when she's slightly frustrated. It was taken a few days ago and I think she was experimenting with the scream, looking back at it now:

Annabel is also talking a lot to the baby in the mirror. It's been freezing here so we've been hibernating. We probably should get out more so she can make some friends.

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