Friday, March 25, 2011

4 months old

Dear Annabel, 

You are four months old! You've turned into a real baby now: active, alert, communicative, mobile, smiling. You are so much fun at this age. You learn new things every day - it's amazing how much you are always changing. Sometimes you like to sit quietly and watch everything around you. But mainly you like to "move" and "talk". You definitely don't like to sleep. You sleep about 9 hours every day/night, and the average baby your age sleeps 15. Everyone, including the pediatrician, is amazed how alert and happy you are despite this. But baby girl, you need to sleep to grow. Also, your mama would not mind having 6 hours of sleep in a row once in a while, or an hour here and there throughout the day to get some things done. Just saying. 

We think you are the cutest baby ever. You smile so much. Last night I woke up and looked over to see you pulled up on your tummy peeking over your co-sleeper and smiling at me.  You love people, especially other babies, and you seem so social already. You love being outside and being in new places. When you play you get frustrated and determined in equal measure. 

It's been amazing to watch you grow from a teeny tiny crying newborn into such a personality. And we're so excited to watch you learn to sign, to talk, to eat food, to pet the animals, to dance. But mostly we just love living each day with you since each moment brings us so much joy. 

You are so loved Annabel-
Your mama

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