Tuesday, November 27, 2012


My little girl turned two years old this past weekend. The baby in her is completely gone and has been for a while. Our toddler is sweet (she shares without us asking) and sassy (she's perfected the mischievous grin) and strong (she's an awesome little gymnast). She is a silly little creature, and knows it. She loves to laugh and make people laugh. Though she has plenty of snuggly moments, she is independent and strong-willed and stubborn (my do it mySELF!). She is beautiful. I look at her and just can't believe we could have had a part in creating her. She is so so smart. I can't believe how much she knows and how much she can express. She's speaking in full sentences with new words every day ('I want a bite of Mommy's sandwich. Where is Daddy - at work? Mommy has white socks on, just like me.') Here are some pictures of the birthday girl:

Annabel seems even bigger now that she is a big sister! Lila Persephone Cantor was born November 19th, five days before Annabel turned two. She has taken to the Big Sister role with ease. She walked into the hospital room and looked at my tummy and then looked at the baby a couple times, then pointed to say 'baby sister sleeping'. Ever since she has been deeply interested in knowing where baby sister is at all times. She tells me when baby sister needs a blanket or a wipe, and she's voluntarily given her most favorite friend, White Bunny, to baby sister. She gives her gentle caresses on her back and shoulder and gives her lots of kisses on the head. She doesn't seem jealous at all except she's not so happy that mommy can't pick her up like she used to. But my birth recovery is going great, so I'll be able to do that soon.

Here is Lila on her first day here: 

It's only been a week but we've settled in as a family of four. Lila is a pretty easy baby: she cries when she wants the boob, which is most of the time. Otherwise, she's sleeping or looking around peacefully. Sometimes (usually at night) I can't put her down without screams, so I've been sleeping sorta sitting up with the Boppy and her curled up in it. This is causing some neck and back pain, and I'm hoping she'll learn to love the co-sleeper sometime very soon. I suppose when you are a week old, there is a huge difference between sleeping on mommy and sleeping two feet away from mommy, though.

I've updated all our pictures on Picasa and our videos on YouTube (links to the left), and I'll be writing here regularly again (I've missed it!).


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