Monday, August 2, 2010


Despite everyone's admonitions to take it easy during this move, easy was not taken.  At least I've gotten some exercise. The move took four days. Packing took a good week beforehand (I packed ALL boxes and bags)... and now unpacking begins. I've moved about 20 times I think and I love the feeling of saying good-bye and starting fresh somewhere else. I love deciding how to arrange my kitchen. I love trying to figure out which windowsills the cats will like best. I still love all those things, but this move was more difficult. I couldn't relax in a tornado of mess, so just went and went all day. I got a nice break when my sister and brother-in-law visited Saturday, when the guys did some heavy lifting the gals ate Locopops.

They brought their cute doggie Oscar and he and Conan were BFFs until a nasty incident involving an imaginary treat. SCARY how a dog can just snap over possessions. He is so good with people and dogs at the dog park, but this was the first time another dog has been in his space. So we have a training goal with him so that his mama doesn't get traumatized again.

I need to update tomorrow for 24 weeks and post a (big) belly pic. For now I'm going to relax in my half-made home. It's lovely here, and we may just stay put longer than a year. But no promises. Gabe and I both have the same peculiar dilemma of wanting to nest and wanting to travel, both in equal proportions, simultaneously. Everywhere is home; nowhere is home. But we're each others' home. I've had this song playing through my head for the past week:

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