Monday, July 26, 2010

23 weeks (+1 day)

Our baby girl is weighing in at just over a pound. I've felt her a lot more this week. And usually if she's kicking  I can lay down and watch my tummy move. I read that each day from 23 to 26 weeks the baby's chance of survival outside of the womb goes up 3%. After 26 weeks chance of survival is 80-90% - pretty amazing all things considered. In any case she needs to stay put for months to come! The average baby is 7 1/2 pounds & I also read that babies born without induction tend to be more fully cooked at 8-9 pounds... so she's got a lot more pounds to put on, as do I (unfathomably). I think I'm up about 13 lbs. right now.

We're starting our Hypnobabies childbirth classes on August 15. Yikes! I am super excited about this, and glad to have 'homework' for the class. It feels like I'm preparing for a marathon. Though god knows I'm much more naturally inclined to succeed at birth versus any road race!

Today I had a bit of a scare. I was in the midst of cooking dinner feeling very totally okay, and then all of a sudden felt hot and like I may have to puke. Thirty seconds after that I had to stop making a lovely orange-ginger sauce & lay on the floor. And then I felt like I was dying. I had a massive pain in my stomach (high up, where it's probably squished now), I was sweating and had goosebumps. I could not for my life get comfortable. As I'm writhing all over the carpet my husband is asking if he should turn off the sauce. I think I screamed something about not caring about the effing sauce, because I'm dying. I wanted to call the birth center to notify them of my impending death but then I couldn't talk. The pain was so intense and I just could not get comfy - I just wanted someone to knock me out.  I laid down in bed, and then - just as quickly as it came on - it passed. I was totally fine. Can anyone tell me WTF was that??!!! 

I have a prenatal appt. Tuesday so that will be high up on my agenda to discuss. If anyone can shed some light I'd love to know in what new way by body is morphing into something else. My guess is a monster pang of heartburn, because I had 4 Tums when I first started feeling weird. 5 minutes to take effect? Who knows. I've felt fine all the rest of the night. 

The other bad news is that I finished a cake today.  It's all gone. I made it yesterday when I got a craving for a berry cake. I'm not usually that into cake but it was seriously the best cake I've ever had. And no chocolate anywhere in it! I'll have to write up the recipe and post it here. 

This week's belly picture is another embarrassing bikini one. Taken right before I went swimming tonight, which was the best thing ever. I fully appreciated being weightless this week... my belly has expanded to a point where it's in the way. I've burned my belly on the stove, squished it getting dressed, bumped it into walls, etc. Floating around in the pool was exquisite.

Oh, and this is the week in which strangers have no qualms asking me about my pregnancy. 

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