Saturday, July 24, 2010

nursery inspiration

My mom and I went to an estate sale when she visited and she suggested I get this weird ugly clock for my baby's nursery. My first thought is it would give her nightmares. My second thought was hmm... it's cool in a slightly creepy retro way and I bet I could build a nursery around it. Here it is:

Mother Goose meets Children of the Corn, no?  It has definitely grown on me. So the working theme of the nursery is 'Vintage Storybook'. Not that it needs a title. Today I went to a yard sale and got these three pieces of old art for free:

I am looking at pale pink and white bedding and lace curtains, a handmade butterfly mobile, glow in the dark stars and maybe a chandelier. I am mourning my first idea of bold prints and whimsical birds, owls and trees. I am surprised I'm considering pink & lace. But I think it's unique and I love books. This theme means I get to make art out of them :) 

Here's a close-up of the words, which are the first line in a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale:

I also did a collage based on 'The Land of Nod' but it's not quite finished. And I did a glittery tile project with her name. Name is top secret so I can't post all the letters. We've also had second thoughts about the name this past weekend and are coming up with new possibilities. All a little stranger than the last. Poor little no-name girl, with maybe this initial:

It's a shame you can't really see how much the tiles glitter. Perhaps here:

Trust me it sparkles.

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