Sunday, August 8, 2010

25 weeks!

I skipped a week, oops. 24 weeks is a big milestone, too - the week of viability. That means the baby has a better than half chance of surviving outside the womb. But so far she's staying put and that's a great thing.

I had a prenatal appt. last week and all is well beside the list of usual symptoms. I was quite proud of myself for being able to gain 15 lbs. and the midwife nodded slowly, scrunched up her mouth and said 'we'd really like you to gain 15 more, at least. ideally more.' At a pound a week it doesn't seem too hard, but that is like gaining a third of my original body weight. It's hard to imagine.

Speaking of weight, just a week ago I was surprised I'd gained 15 because I had always thought that would feel like a lot of extra weight. But besides my belly and slightly bigger boobs and butt I didn't feel that much larger.

Until yesterday. We went to Target and I saw some maternity clearance items. I went in the fitting room to try them on and at some point happened to glance in the three way mirror. OH MY GOD. I could see where each of those 15 pounds has landed. Most of them have taken residence in my new chunky thighs. To be clear, I've never had body image's just that I always maxed out at 100 lbs. no matter what I did so that was my idea of my body. Now here was this brand new body that somehow emerged right in front of my eyes without my knowledge. It was like double vision. 

A bit disoriented (and slightly horrified) I met my husband outside who immediately commented that I looked beautiful without me saying a thing. I asked if he'd happened to see my thighs lately, oh my god. He just laughs when I say it's incomprehensible how much bigger I am now. 'You're pregnant, silly!'

Due to weight, or joints, or who knows, I've definitely started with a slight waddle already. And I've napped today for the third day in a row. And I am hungry ALL. THE. TIME. I feel like a machine that just eats and sleeps. But I suppose all that is a sign of the impending third trimester, another thing I'm having trouble believing. She'll actually be here in a few months!

Baby girl seems to be doing great. This morning I felt her squirm around and I rolled over onto my other side. I had my hand on my belly and I clearly felt her hand or foot move across my palm. So cool!  Her movements keep getting stronger, and more and more it feels like a body in there not just random thumps.

Here's this week's belly picture. I had just gotten up from a nap so don't mind the frumpiness.

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