Sunday, February 28, 2010

ruthie foster

On Friday my friend Hillary asked if I wanted her extra ticket to hear some music. I said okay because I like music and trust her judgment. I forgot to look up the artist, and didn't know the venue. We drove nearly an hour to a sleepy suburb, got lost, and eventually showed up at an auditorium inside a city hall... nothing like the downtown bar I realized I had imagined. The crowd had a lot of white hair with a few loud exceptions.

Now here's the beauty of surprises. In this auditorium in the middle of nowhere with no expectations I saw the best singer I've ever heard. The opening act was Eric Bibb and he was amazing, and had this awesome harmonica player with him. BLUES. I love blues music. But then she came on and blew him away and everyone else I've ever heard live. Ruthie Foster. A little lady whose voice filled the room as easily as if she was just breathing. My jaw actually did drop a few times. What?! Is that possible? (Maybe I was slightly over-impressed having just watched American Idol this past week!

But decide for yourself if you like her. Here's an a capella song she played. Enjoy!

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