Saturday, February 27, 2010


Last night I tossed and turned a few hours, and then it was snowing in my dream. I was arriving at an event in my honor. Many, many people were there - all people I have known well or slightly throughout my life. There was an understanding that it was ALL the people I have ever known, somehow. It felt like a long dream, visiting each person and saying hello again. Eventually there was a ceremony in which I received some kind of award or acknowledgment. Then the evening was winding down, we looked at the night sky and the snow falling, and everyone found their cliques - people from school, people from Boston, people from this job or that job. I understood I had to say goodbye, I wouldn't see anyone again. I visited a few rooms, trying to say good-bye to everyone but got too teary to do it.

After that vivid and solemn dream that seemed to last all night, I woke up in Chapel Hill with sun streaming through the windows and was thoroughly freaked out for a moment, like it was my last day here. I told my husband about my dream, and said maybe I should play it safe and not do anything dangerous today. He just shrugged and said everything could be dangerous with you. (This is true... last week I bruised my brow bone carrying a broom from the kitchen to the closet. Note to self: don't dance during this task next time.)

Did you ever have that feeling that you literally traveled somewhere else during the night? That everything was slightly changed now that you've returned?

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