Wednesday, March 3, 2010

motivation and/or discipline

Sometimes I'm jealous of engineers. There is no ambiguity in their profession. But there's still curiosity and creativity. Unlike accounting or such. (Cue accountant hate mail.) As an engineer you do things and they either work or don't. You can quantify, measure, and write Excel spreadsheets for a great number of purposes.

Which is all to say I've gathered up some motivation for writing again. And no ruler, Excel program or fancy calculator is going to help me. Once it's done I won't even be able to tell if it works or not. I will judge it on usefulness and it will be hard to make its case.

Here comes an excuse, I can feel it. Sometimes I think it'd be easier if I had nearly unsurmountable challenges. Something to push against. But no, poor me, I'm surrounded by a magnificently supportive husband, family and friends rooting for me, a decent amount of time in the day and some latent natural abilities.

It's hard to realize the only thing standing in your way is yourself.

So I need some motivation, some discipline. Be it duct tape in the chair, some ridiculous self-help guru or a prize bag of Skittles for each page done. A promise that if I finish a book I'll find a way to give myself a scuba trip for three weeks in Australia. And if anyone has strategies that work for them please let me know!

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