Monday, November 9, 2009

floating in space

well, more like time.

all at once, my mental health license application is in, wedding and honeymoon planning is over, scuba certification is done, and my obligations with IEATA are over. my to-do list has dwindled to a few very manageable tasks. this evening found me wandering around the house with no real purpose (except to avoid the pile of clean laundry on the bed). i moseyed (sp?) to the kitchen and made pecan cookies and cranberry-nut rolls. perhaps later i'll read a book. or not, i don't know.

this sudden assault of leisure time, combined with 75 degree temperatures in mid-november, has left me disoriented. i quit my job in august, but had been busy since. now i'm really feeling the trickle of minutes luxuriously spilling out of the clock (hmm... does she continue some bizarre metaphor or no...). no.

so what to do with all the minutes up for grabs? one, write. for real this time. i'm starting with 2 hours a day, so it feels manageable. feel free to hold me accountable on any given day. i've thought about writing a book since i was seven, and it's high time discipline caught up to ambition. two, get some jobby job part-time. i'm finding it very difficult however to find anything in my field unless i'm licensed, which still will take a few months (i need one class that wasn't required in MA). and cook. and take pictures. and figure out some crafty christmas presents, perhaps. if i think up an entrepreneurial venture that takes little money to start up i may substitute that for the jobby job. if i can sustain writing for more hours a day that may temporarily substitute for the jobby job. fortunately, i have an amazingly supportive husband who would love to see my dreams manifest at least as much, if not more, than me. he's encouraging me towards the last option.

speaking of husbands, i said it aloud for the first time (in english) since we were married. i spoke to maintenance at our apt. and said something like this:

"my husband says our toilet is broken. i'm not sure how. some valve thing. flapper? it's definitely some valve. he said it's leaking water but there's no water that i see. flush valve? flapper? he told me numerous times. sorry, i forget."

it was all very romantic. and see, there's proof that some gender stereotypes are alive and kicking in our household :)

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