Sunday, November 8, 2009

pictures of people

I have a real problem taking pictures of people I don't know. Even if they are in the background, with other cares than a girl with a camera many yards away. I feel it's intrusive, disrespectful...what if they have a phobia of cameras and I make them pass out? This part of me battles with my inner photographer. Like when I walked, camera in hand, and saw two laughing boys in Cozumel hitting a pinata in the front porch of their home. What an amazing shot! vs. That's their home! I just couldn't do it.

So during two weeks of picture taking there are only two pictures that include people I don't know. This is one:

This is an example of the tourists I mentioned two posts ago. Aloha shirt, check. Sunhat with balloons, yes balloons, check. High heels for walking on cobblestones, check. Map, not checked - hence the pointing. I am 95% sure they are on their way downtown for a yard of beer.

For Day of the Dead we heard there was an event at the local cemetery. Gabe and I walked and saw a throng of people gathered listening to a religious service, many holding flowers. I felt intrusive being anywhere near there with a camera bag, even, so we turned around. A block further I saw these colors, these girls and just HAD to shoot a quick picture. That's why it could have been composed better, and I'll edit it later, but I still love it.

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