Thursday, November 12, 2009


I think Fall has officially hit North Carolina (now that we're in November). It's the third day of rain, wind and chill. For the first time I have seen people in jackets, and leaves coat the wet streets. I've been indoors the past couple days but knew I needed to get out of the house today.

First I went to a coffee shop to write for a bit. Leaving the distraction of the meowy cats and messy kitchen, I instead was distracted by tvs, radio, other patrons, the waitress, etc. Eventually I thought a library would be a better environment, and set out for Carrboro. I love nearly everything about that town so thought their library would be awesome as well. Apparently the library is connected to the elementary and middle schools and it was 2:30, so I followed an endless parade of SUVs in a circle without a parking spot to be seen. Hmph.

I did all this in gym clothes. It's my new strategy to make friends with my gym. With our apartment rental we get a free membership to the gym. We've been maybe 4 times. It's not a great gym, it's a drive, I've been occupied. But now with my newfound time (see post below) there are no excuses. I figure if I put on gym clothes in the beginning of the day I'll get there eventually. (It also helps delay the putting away of the summer clothes and bringing out the winter ones.)

I decided to go to yoga at 4. With some extra time I stopped at the thrift store. Probably because my allergies weren't bad enough. (After feeling great in Mexico, and now blowing blood into a tissue each morning, I've come to accept that yes, I am the crazy cat lady who is allergic to cats.) The most surprising thing that happened in the thrift store is I found a pair of pants that fit me. The second most surprising thing was that an older man came up to me in the book section telling me how much he loves books, how many he has in his home, how he loves cookbooks the best. In Spanish! Without waiting for a response. Now I'm not one to be pegged as Spanish speaking. So either he is intuitive, or is just really really lonely. I resisted the urge to buy an old afghan of unknown origin that reminded me of my grandmom, as well as pounds of lace that I had initially convinced myself I'd make into something fabulous. (If someone has crafty ideas for lace let me know.)

Then off to yoga, where I discovered that though my socks were both striped they were of different colors. I felt very uncomfortable, not out of embarrassment, but rather some latent OCD behaviors. On yoga mats, it was me and seven middle aged ladies. The teacher was lovely and sweet, and strange looking. She had a voice of a teenager but had a shock of white hair and looked very skeletal. I suppressed fits of giggles as she started the class. Her breathy assertions of "just like that", "that's good", "a little bit more" were a little TOO breathy and repetitive. She simmered down, though, but then started with the breathing imagery. Kiss of breath, your breath like butterflies over wildflowers, surf your breath, etc. I am so glad Gabe wasn't with me, we would have lost it. I discovered some new space in my spine, and stretched out an inch so I cannot complain. The fifteen minute sivasana was rejuvenating.

I am glad for the Fall. I really dislike being cold, but cold weather allows for different kinds of warmth: blankets, hot baths, steam rooms, spiced cider, oven-warmed kitchens, fireplaces, steamed milk, Christmas lights.

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