Thursday, November 12, 2009

middle-aged lady yoga, part two

We did calf stretches for 8 minutes, holding a minute in each position. The teacher suggested we tell jokes or limericks to fill the silence. (Yes, an interesting technique for mindfulness.) I listened to a few, and then a lady told this joke:

Why did the proper Southern lady stop going to orgies?
Because there were too many thank-you letters to write.

Everyone laughed, and I figured the door was opened to let in regional jokes. So I told them I was born in New Jersey, and here's my joke:

Why are New Yorkers so depressed?
Because the light at the end of their tunnel is NJ.

I erupted in laughter, that joke gets me every time. The ladies all puffed and hmmm..ed, generally looking slightly embarrassed, and made some comments about how they have heard New Jersey is lovely.

I don't know what went wrong, but apparently NJ derision is not as strong as in the Northeast, or we only poke fun of Southerners in these parts. Or we don't say depressed? Or generally we're just as nice as possible, all the time?

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