Monday, October 19, 2009

cooking in the midst of chaos

I thought I'd make a quick, nice dinner tonight. I haven't cooked in a few days and was feeling antsy, but I also didn't want to take a bunch of time away from wedding planning. So I got steak, an avocado and crab clusters (on sale at the supermarket, never before purchased). I thought I'd make steak - very quick- and a crab/avocado salad stuffed back in the avocado shell. Back at home I realized I should have gotten some cilantro, or scallions, or at least lemon/lime to bring this all together but oh well. I steamed the crab for a few minutes, got the steaks ready and was very proud of myself for creating a 5 minute yummy meal. But then I had an aha moment. Aha! The crab meat is stuck inside the crab shell. Aha! I don't have shellfish utensils. My fiance suggested pliers, and I had the ingenious idea of using a chopstick to help push it out. So my quick dinner turned into an hour of me laboring over crab with pliers and a chopstick. A comical, but very unproductive, use of time.

Dinner turned out great in the end!

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