Thursday, October 22, 2009

i've always done my best work under pressure...

NOW I get the great ideas for the wedding. the personalized touches. the ideas for the ceremony. the inspiration for our songs. NOW. a couple days before we leave.


i've had a busy but productive time of late, and even got my licensure application all ready for the mail today. we're about to book our honeymoon in cozumel. most everything is done except for the packing and some minor details.

i am getting VERY excited. it seemed for a long time that this wedding was something to be planned, not something to be actually experienced. and though we probably could be better prepared, i'm giddy with the realization that we are actually going to be by the beach, waves rolling in, as i say my vows to my sweetheart.

instead of the normal anxiety and self-criticism, i'm even feeling love for our mutual inability to make decisions until the absolute last minute. weird. i think there's something in the air that's making us both wacky. gabriel even got a faux hawk and HIGHLIGHTS today. my sweetie, who has never uttered the word 'product', who happily goes to work with bedhead, who gets a haircut the exact day hair gets in his eyes - he got highlights. crazy times...

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