Monday, October 19, 2009

pre-wedding chaos

Posts will be far and few between over the next few weeks, sad to say. We're leaving before dawn on Saturday for a two-week stay in Mexico. That leaves four days to finish writing the ceremony, gather music, decide wedding songs, various other wedding thingies, do laundry, clean house, pack, apply for licensure, book honeymoon, etc. It's a busy time.

In other news, I am officially PADI open water certified! We did our open water dives this past weekend. It was a grey windy 53 degrees both days (an anomaly here), and the water was 64 degrees. Given the fact that I ended up shivering in 89 degree pool water, my instructor brought me 3 layers of wetsuit and I still thought I'd get hypothermia. COLD. The worst was being already freezing cold, in a bathing suit, and faced with the prospect of peeling on a cold wet suit. My body was like girl what do you think you're doing?! And once the suit is on it's little comfort because you lug on many pounds of gear and walk to cold water to freeze there. It was a long weekend.

We dove in a quarry where visibility was 5-8 feet, super murky. We swam through an old rusty bus 30 feet down - it was one of the most ghostly experiences I've ever had. I fought off bouts of primal panic throughout the weekend, but they were fleeting. Overall it was challenging but fun, and I am really excited to dive in Mexico. I could use some easy dives in clear water to build up my confidence...dives that don't include taking regulators out of your mouth, taking off the scuba gear underwater, emergency ascents and taking off your mask and swimming around.

Though my upcoming posts may be sparse, I promise lots of amazing pictures come November!

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