Monday, September 28, 2009

i interrupt this blog to ask a logistical question

I detest the photo uploading on Blogger, and just realized there are some other options: putting pictures in Picasa/Flickr and then uploading to the blog from there. Does anyone do this? Is it easier?

Root canal was today and went as well as it possibly could have. The dentist complimented me on my ability to disassociate. The novacaine hasn't yet worn off and it's forecast to hurt for 7-10 days after. But I can do scuba (yay!)...tooth definitively isn't fractured (yay!), and I can get it internally bleached before the wedding (yay!). As much as we glorify the past, it is so great to live in an era in which my front tooth does not fall out after an injury, and one in which I can pick which Direct TV channel I want to watch in the dentist's chair (Food Network).


  1. Once you have your photos uploaded you probably don't need to re-upload. You can just link to the pictures with an <img> tag.


    <img src="pic.jpg" />



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