Saturday, September 26, 2009

a country drive

Today was grey and we decided to go hiking in one of the ple-thor-a (say it slowly, like three amigos) of trails around here. We meandered in the countryside, and it started to drizzle. Gabe drove while I snapped pictures out of the passenger windows (so excuse the quality).

Chatham County is reached by making a right outside our subdivision and driving a mile or two. There are rolling hills, lots of farms, and an atmosphere that puts me at ease immediately. Apparently there is also a fair.

These are two views of Jordan Lake, a man-made body of water 14,000 acres big. If you fish or kayak it's da bomb.

Country road...usually there are a lot of cyclists in the area but we didn't see many today, probably due to the rain.

An interesting little store - stupid windshield wiper is in the way. The sign says there is porch music on Friday nights!


Turn the corner and you never know if you'll see a mobile home or a mansion...

This is the shirt I wore as camouflage in the woods. To further the effect, here is me posing as an owl. A charging bear would be super confused.

We ended up not hiking, as the need to pee and eat something eventually overrode the desire to muddy ourselves in the rain. We got bbq here and I felt like I was sitting in a grandparents' home. A grandparents' home with REALLY good bbq. I also hit a little cultural barrier, when I had no idea what 'stew' meant, nor 'brunswick stew' when it was further explained. And then I asked for vinegar for hushpuppies, forgetting that's what the barbecue sauce is here and it was sitting right in front of me.

What I love love love about where we live is this. If I leave home and turn right, it is peaceful country living (see above). If I leave home and turn left, there is a town that resembles a little San Francisco, sans hills. It's small compared to Boston, but everything is there: great food, fun nightlife, friendly people, lots of shopping. Also city construction:

It's the perfect place to please the City and Country Mouse that I am.

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