Monday, May 11, 2009

Haymarket, pt. 2

Gabe and I went to Haymarket on Saturday. We did get a lot, but it wasn't the enthralling experience I had anticipated. Lots of mean, loud, cranky people. Oh well. Since then I made naan bread, chicken curry, apple-ginger chutney, zucchini bread, and sesame bars. For lunch today I made mashed potatoes with a sausage, apple and fennel mixture on top. Alton Brown is on tv at the moment teaching me about freezing, which is very timely, so I can deal with all the leftovers.

After Haymarket I went to the regular food store. The only thing I remember about that now was this simultaneously innocent and horrifying scene. Two little girls, probably about 5, were in a big cart together playing while their supervising female was down the aisle buying bread. They both had colorful beach balls and were hitting the food in the cart in front of them. Through the giggles, one girl said "I'm pretending I'm beating up my boyfriend because he was mean to me." The other girl repeated it louder and they both burst into more laughter.


  1. what did you learn from alton about freezing? its something my wife and i are always wondering. we make big vats of chili and i smoke lots of meat, and between that and the costco trips we've always got something!

  2. i pretty much learned that freezing things is much more complicated than i thought. don't even try it with steak. get things cold before you freeze them to reduce ice crystals. add crushed up children's vitamin c and sugar to fruit. for liquids, leave extra room for expansion (i learned that the hard way last month.)

  3. I found the little girls conversation very disturbing. I suppose that comes from home....sigh



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