Saturday, March 14, 2009

today in pictures...

When I was sick I ordered some Vietnamese chicken soup, expecting it to instantly cure me:

It didn't, and in fact the chicken was so weird I pulled it all out. Ah well. This whole winter I've strangely been grossed out by soup - it's like soggy dinner. But I ventured to make a soup a few weeks ago with lentils and vegetables and Indian spices. It was a total experiment but ended up amazing, and Gabe loved it (he usually isn't a big fan of soup). It was sort of a joke too - whenever I go food shopping I get lentils - they seem so healthy and useful and easy. But I've never used them...ever. So this was a first, and it was great.

Today I felt better...I could tell because I finally cooked! I decided to make soup again. I got potato and leeks, and looked up some recipes. But I realized I wasn't really looking for a recipe, it was more like I was looking for validation for a recipe in my head. So I decided to trust myself and make my own again. So good! I sauteed garlic and leeks with olive oil, added potatoes and and two apples, and added chicken stock, water, Indian spices, cayenne, cumin... Cook, then blend and voila - awesome! It was spicy, but balanced with the sweetness of the apple (oh, and just a bit of apple cider)... and the whipped yogurt cooled it just a bit, too. Here's a picture of the one I served to Gabe:

For lunch, Gabe and I celebrated both my newfound health and the 50-degree sunshiny weather and had a little picnic. We got a sub to share, and went to the nearby Mystic River. In the summer we would bike there and rent a canoe. It's peaceful to be on the water there, which in a way is a bit sad since it's so urban. Here's Gabe at our 'picnic':

In this picture you can see the highway and billboards in the background:

Our other purpose in going to the river was to see the local wind turbine that went up a couple months ago:

What was so striking about this is as we walked up I realized it was built right next to a school and its playground. A bunch of little kids not-quite in their spring jackets were running around with this HUGE wind turbine 30 feet from them.

And it made me wonder how this will influence them... every day seeing this green technology and taking it for granted...

I also felt even more removed from the next generation when we got back home.. two boys were riding on...something. It was like a skateboard but not the same shape, and with two wheels. Gabe and I were like what the hell is that? And maybe we stared too much because the two little kids picked up their futuristic toys and ran away :)

One of the best parts of my day was watching the cats' happiness at the open windows. (And yes, I believe they were happy!) This was especially cute - they were looking out together and their head and ears moved in unison with each passing car and bird:

I tried to take a picture of Ookie, and she grabbed at the camera straps - it's a little blurry but hilarious:

Then Gabe took a picture of the two of us:

There was a nice group picture, but I suddenly realized I have a decent amount of wrinkles around my eyes :-0 When did this happen?? I don't think I can blame it on being sick, or allergies...I think it means I'm in my thirties! Since people think I'm still in high school I don't have too much to be concerned about.. but around this time of year I always crave a complete spa day. Boston winters are just no good for my skin or spirit.

One last picture. I mentioned a while ago that I did that 'Aging with Grace' group (ha, didn't even realize the connection til I wrote it). We did images of peace and I did a quick pastel of our wedding vision. I had put it on our living room mantle for some inspiration, and decided to throw it out today when we were cleaning the house, since Vermont is no longer our vision. Here's the picture:

I think it's time to draw a new picture!

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