Monday, March 16, 2009


I had my 'fitness assessment' at the gym yesterday to find out exactly how out of shape I am. It is partially because I had the flu for a week, but I am WEAK. Man oh man. And my resting heart rate is too high. My weight went back down, but my fat percentage is above normal (the bacon caught up to me!). My blood pressure is really low, but I don't really know how that figures into the big picture.

I was actually really excited to hear this, because now I have some concrete goals to work towards. Just maintaining a decent level of fitness is rather boring. Maintenance in general is boring. I could never be a garbage collector, or janitor, or filer, or one of those people that go around a store putting things back on hangers. I would quickly fall into a depression. I am going to take a moment to appreciate the creativity and variety in my work - every day is different place, different people, different stories. Thank you!

I have other health-related news... I started taking prenatal vitamins today! No, not pregnant, but I know it's best to start 3 months to a year before you get pregnant, so it seems like now is a good time. It's sort of exciting, because Gabe and I talk about starting a family after we're married but this is an actual concrete thing. A little thing, but still a thing rather than an idea.

One last health thing... I noticed in my blog talking about how my body just didn't feel 'right' the few days before I got sick. It's a good reminder to listen to my body more and take care of myself!

Speaking of which, it's now 11 and I'm going to go to bed early tonight!

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