Sunday, March 8, 2009

out of hibernation

I went to sleep last night with the intention that i would sleep in, the longer the better. I have been feeling so off lately and I had a suspicion that a loooonnnnggg sleep would recharge my system. There were many interruptions, especially Gabe's coughing from his lingering cold - and I'm sure my whiny admonishments (go get some tea, get some damn chloraseptic already) didn't help the situation, but in the end I stayed in bed from midnight until 11:30! With the time change it was 12:30!! I got up, descended the stairs and did my ritual of heading to the thermostat to make the downstairs livable. But wait. Something was different. Sun, birds, people outside. Huh? I stepped outside and did not freeze! It was.....WARM. It's 54 and sunny right now and I genuinely feel like I've come out of hibernation. I know we're in for more snow (ssshhhh) but for today I'm going to pretend that I can plan picnics and hikes and the canning of non-imported fruit.

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