Monday, March 9, 2009

Have passport, will travel...

Gabe and I decided on a destination wedding! We were pretty sure we were going with Vermont, and found two very nice places that would work great, but two issues. (1) Finances - DIY wedding costs add up fast. (2) Planning. Gabe and I are busy with our jobs and the idea of planning every detail of a VT wedding was already causing major anticipatory stress.

We're slightly sad at losing our vision of Vermont fields of wildflowers and a bluegrass band in a barn. But i think a Caribbean matrimonial extravaganza suits our needs at the moment, and it's the Caribbean - how is this a bad option?!! We're getting used to the idea and really excited now. More details will follow...but if you don't have a passport you might want to get one :)


  1. Do you already have a destination planned? Definitely post the places you're thinking of.

  2. I have a passport! Well technially I have two.



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