Tuesday, March 10, 2009

back in hiberation

That one day of spring-like weather disappeared as soon as it came. Yesterday we had crazy snow and slush... and today I am sick. Gabe was sick for a week and I thought I successfully avoided it. Yesterday I went to a tai chi class and breathed deeply for an hour - the first time I'd done that in weeks, maybe months. I was proud of myself for getting there since I'd only gotten three hours of sleep the night before (insomnia plus daylight savings = no good). After the class I felt amazing but noticed a tickle in my throat. By the end of the night i was sneezing and coughing- yuck! I couldn't sleep until daylight, despite the exhaustion. So now I'm in bed, feeling like utter crap and wishing my house was clean so I didn't feel like I was wallowing in filth :)

Hopefully Gabe isn't working too late so he can make me some dinner.. he has a meeting with Harvard today to see if they're going to buy a $400,000+ solar system. Keep your fingers crossed!

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