Sunday, March 1, 2009

oh no!

Yesterday Gabe and I went food shopping. Gabe pushed the cart back to the car and went to open the trunk. I said, "Oh, there's probably no room in there" - I think my subconscious was saying nooooooooo!!!! but it didn't quite make it to the realm of awareness. I'm 15 steps behind him, so I see him open the trunk, look in, and then look up at me, his eyes horrified and sheepish at the same time, his mouth in a perfect O - I've never seen this look before. MY WEDDING DRESS WAS IN THE TRUNK!!! Oh no. Anytime I remember to move it in the house Gabe's home so it's lived there for a bit. Gabe slammed the trunk down and tried to pretend he didn't see how lovely that dress was but failed in his attempt. He smiled and said you're going to look so beautiful. At least he didn't see the back, or the bottom, but the full element of surprise is gone. Ah well, what can you do?

Today we're home wedding planning. Gabe is never sick, but got a horribly scratchy sore throat suddenly last night and woke up grumpy and sounding horrible. I'm in denial of my increasingly itchy throat. But our goal today is to set up a schedule for next weekend in VT to see potential venues. We'll do it even if we're high on dayquil and using sign language.


  1. I'm not're grumpy.

  2. So no more island destination?

  3. We're expecting 15 inches of snow tonight - I am ALL about the islands...

  4. I thought it was only a big deal if he saw you in it?

  5. Well, I never heard about the destination wedding, so I am not disappointed. Vermont will be lovely and much less hassle than a destination wedding, just ask Amy.



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