Friday, February 27, 2009

5 year olds

I think I could be a pre-K teacher and just love it. Well, maybe not, but my point is I just love that 4-5 age range. So fun! They're intellectually curious but still will play pretend at the drop of a hat. And they're old enough to express their own logic, and it's so quirky.

A 5 year old asked me today, as she was hanging on my back, if i was still a kid. She said this with such an honest curiosity. Here's the conversation:

Her: Are you a kid?
Me: No, not anymore.
Her: Really?
Me: Yes, I'm an adult now.
Her: Are you married?
Me: No, not yet.
Her: Oh, you ARE a kid.

I never expected to hear nostalgia from such a young child. But we were looking through scrapbooks and every once in a while she'd wistfully say "that was such a great day" or "good memories (sigh)".

And if anyone reading this is in doubt of the effectiveness of play therapy, here you go. We were playing with her dollhouse and I was the mommy and she was the daughter. She said we were going on a trip so we left the house and landed near the window. Her doll says Mommy, do you have a minute? Sure. Can we talk over here on this bench? Yes, what would you like to talk about? Can you tell me what cancer is?

One other thing I like about kids this age is their lack of censors. In the middle of a sentence, she says: "Hold on a minute, I gotta go poop. You can play with my toys until I get back."

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  1. Isn't it nice to know that even though we have to work a major portion of our life that you have found a job where you make a difference in peoples lives? I'm very proud of you.



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