Monday, March 2, 2009


Yay March with its 12+ inches of snow! (Sarcasm.) At work I don't have snow days since patients in their homes need help no matter what. But part of my job is administrative and I had tons of things I could do at home.

Did I do any of them? No. I took care of Gabe who is sick, stayed in my pajamas, and looked up destination wedding possibilities ALL day. I think I know every resort by name in Jamaica. My eyeballs are burning. We are going up to VT this weekend to look at places, and researching destination weddings, and hopefully making a decision early next week. I'll be relieved when we actually have a venue. Know what's funny? We're looking at a house in Jamaica, VT and also Jamaica itself. I guess it's not that funny.

I need to go to sleep now, so I can wake up early and dig out the car - another thing I neglected to do today. I am looking forward to working and going to the gym tomorrow!


  1. Don't forget all the great wedding locations in Florida!

  2. I did look into that but ideally wanted an all-inclusive- right now they're pretty cheap. Btw, I can't believe you are like a 5 hour boat ride from the Caribbean - SO jealous!!



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