Friday, February 20, 2009

Wedding Dress!

Today I went to the Running of the Brides and felt very Bostonian. It's the traditional biannual sale at Filene's basement, but was actually held at Hynes Convention Center this year. It's a crazy stampede of engaged women and their 'teams' - here's pictures/video:

We went after the chaos and it was a smart choice - there were thousands of dresses and very little crowd. My mom came up from NJ and Anne (Gabe's mom) joined us. We were there six hours and I tried on many, many, many dresses. I liked two particular dresses that were not my expected style - they were huge ball gown type Cinderella dresses. One was champagne colored with intricate beading and it fit so beautifully. The other was a light sage/aqua (sounds weird, but it was gorgeous) with ivory, heavier lace all over - somewhat vintage, Victorian garden looking. They were both stunning. But I thought it would dictate a more traditional wedding as opposed to the more casual affair we're going for. I also couldn't embody the Cinderella-princess thing completely - it felt too much like dress up. I also want to be able to dance with Gabriel and not have hoops of tulle in the way. And when I asked a stranger's opinion on the 40-pound lace dress and she replied 'oh my god, that's hilarious!'...well, that might not be a good sign.

So I found another gorgeous one that makes me feel like Alysa on my wedding day. It's beautiful and I wish I could reveal some details, but I'm not going to! You'll have pictures in 5-6 months!

The dress ended up being something like 85% off the original price - woo hoo! All of the dresses were awesome bargains, and so many beautiful ones. It's an interesting feeling to have it, because it's the first concrete part of wedding planning we've managed. Hopefully the other pieces will fall into place just as easily.

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  1. Just can't imagine you in a dress that is bigger than you are. Never heard of the run for the brides. It sounds like an experience, wish I was there. Now you have my curiosity stimulated about the dress, I guess I will just have to wait! Love you



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