Wednesday, February 18, 2009

more dreams

Have you seen this video of something falling through the sky in Texas?

At first they thought it was some debris from the recent satellite crash. But then that was ruled out by NASA. The FAA doesn't have any information. I watched that and thought.. this is how all those sci-fi alien apocalyptic movies begin. I didn't think much of it, but then I had a dream that I could not sleep. Before dawn I went out for a walk. I had a great idea to see the sunrise on a hill. Many others had the same idea. Then suddenly from behind us a giant meteor-type light flies across the sky and blows up on the horizon. But from the light you could tell it was a laser-bomb type thing and not a natural phenomena. Wow! Everyone thought. That's crazy. But then to our horror some laser-bomb-light bursts from the horizon towards us, and we all start running for our lives.

The next night I dreamed it was my wedding day. I had let someone do all the planning and it was a disaster. There were so many people and it was in a big school cafeteria type place. I was anxious the whole time because people were doting on my gown and my make-up and where to stand and what was blue, and I found myself realizing that I hadn't prepared my vows - I didn't know what to say yet. And it was so noisy and crowded that I couldn't think.

Well, I don't need a dream analyst for these. Just wanted to give you an example of my usual, transparent anxiety dreams :)

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