Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Farewell Dunkin' Donuts

Today I had my last cup of medium hot blueberry coffee, cream, one sugar, please. I don't remember exactly when this bad habit started. I always drank tea, but then I got a job where I lived in my car and was always tired. Dunkin Donuts is on every. single. corner around here. I like blueberries and cream. Then suddenly I'm there every morning... I am not a morning person so never get up early enough to cook myself breakfast and make tea..I guess it was just easier this way.

But I HATE Dunkin Donuts with a passion. They never get my order right, it's priced differently every day for no apparent reason, they are unfriendly and the coffee and bagels aren't really that good. Oh, and they don't put butter on the bagel, so by the time you get a chance to do it the bagels are cold and the rock hard butter doesn't spread. IF they give you butter - often it's this weird, oily 'spread'. And they don't own mayo at most of them, and if they do they ALWAYS forget to give it to you if you ask politely.

I thought I was the only one with this love-mostly hate relationship, but then Gabe and I went to a comedy show by this local guy. He claims there's crack in the coffee because he doesn't like it but goes all the time. He also poked fun at the notoriously apathetic staff: Welcome to Dunkin Donuts - what the f***?

So today I'm joining a gym. I am motivated by many things... I want to do justice to my beautiful wedding dress. I have gained fifteen pounds or so this past year (which may not sound like a lot but I've never been able to break 100 pounds my whole life, so percentage-wise, it's significant). I have been much more moody, depressed and tired this past year. That is probably due to lots of things but I'm sure my lack of exercise is a huge contributing factor. In general I feel lethargic and unhealthy - and I'm 31! This seems a bad path to be on. The other thing in the back of my mind is that I plan on getting pregnant within a year and I don't want to go into that process feeling terrible. I also don't want to try to start getting healthy again once I am pregnant - that's just silly. I have gotten past the 'I don't have time to join a gym' thing, and then I was up against the more realistic 'I don't have extra money to join a gym' thing. But it occured to me that somehow I was funding my bad Dunkin Donuts habit. If I give that up I can pay for the monthly dues. Plus work gives me a $20/month reimbursement if I go 12 times a month, so part of my internal negotiation is that I'll make it there at least that many times.

The gym itself is AMAZING since it's brand new. It's 5 mins. away with easy parking, on 3 floors, and has a sauna and swimming pool and lots of mind-body classes. Gabe belongs to the same gym (different location) and is tweaking his membership so that he can go to this gym as well. So I know I have an awesome workout buddy :) We'll help each other get our fat asses in shape and we're going to look awesome for our beach honeymoon!

The ironic thing is that a few years ago I was teaching at this chain of gyms. Now I'm wondering if I can make it ten minutes on the treadmill - wish me luck!

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