Wednesday, April 6, 2011


i like words. a lot. just thinking of some beloved books produces this rush of warmth in my chest that can only be labeled love. my favorite movie scene ever is the library one in wings of desire. i can kick your ass at scrabble. good puns can make my day (or even bad ones, as in this scene from the kitchen today- me: cumin! this needs cumin. gabe: (as if answering a door) come in!  i remember as a child asking people to give me big sentences so i could diagram them for fun.  i remember only ever getting one word wrong on any spelling test (damn you, dunkin' donuts). i remember the best therapy in adolescence was being curled up with pen in hand.  i've helped dying people get their words onto paper. magic. words are the best magic.

so you can just imagine how much tonight warmed this mama's heart. annabel was fussing and refusing to sleep despite it being after 10:00 and her having been up for hours and hours. i finally got her to nurse and chill out in the rocker. i picked up 'goodnight, moon' which i usually read to her before bed, but had forgotten. in the great green room... my daughter immediately unlatches when hearing the words and turns her head up to me. she smiles as I read on. within a couple pages she is babbling softly along with me as I read, until the book is over. goodnight noises everywhere. Then she sleeps.

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