Thursday, April 7, 2011

first sick baby visit

I took Annabel to the doctor today since she's had a rash on her tummy & back since Friday. They said it looks like exzema, probably triggered by the change of season and the pollen we have now. I was glad to hear it is most likely not from the pets (that would give her hives). Treatment is hydrocortisone for a week and slathering her in vaseline after bath time. 

In other news, Annabel is frighteningly mobile. We went to a playgroup this morning and she was intently watching the 18-month old buzz around the room. She followed him everywhere, which meant she crawled around in a 360 and even scooted a few feet forward. And before we left I watched her roll across the entire bedroom. Yikes. She also likes to 'talk' to new people, and apparently gets louder until you acknowledge her. How quickly she became this moving, communicative little creature!

Little miss weighed in at 12 lbs, 1 oz. today. She was smaller than the 7 week old and 3 month old at the playgroup!

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