Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sleep, a Memoir

Once upon a time there were vast hours of sleep. Waking was the work of whim, or sometimes a gentle alarm. It's becoming hard to remember that time.  

Sometimes she does sleep. And she's darn cute doing it. See? She even is able to go for six hours at a time, I've seen it happen. But lately I'm happy if she sleeps a two hour stretch. It's a double-edged sword though, because even though it's minimal time she is now in her co-sleeper!! That means she doesn't demand to fall asleep curled up next to me on her side, which is so sweet but makes me nervous. She is suddenly okay with not breastfeeding in order to drift off at night. She used to fuss the second you laid her down on her back, but I suppose she's developed the self-soothing necessary to occupy herself until she dozes. I think she's just not used to it yet, because she startles herself awake, and wakes at the very slightest movement or sound. 

Something else also happened the past couple days. She grew up! She woke up a few mornings ago and I remarked to Gabe that she looked bigger. And then she spent the whole day proving she was older. She looked around purposely, studied my lips when I spoke to her, babbled on her own and started grasping the very beginnings of cause and effect with her toys. And little miss is bursting with personality. I can't put all the pictures on this blog, but check this out here

She is super amazing, says her sleep-deprived zombie mama :)

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