Wednesday, December 15, 2010

fatty things are yummy

Since last post I had another back/stomachache which lasted seven hours again and sent me to the ER. They did labs and today I got an ultrasound and it's official: I have many a gallstone in my gall bladder. At least enough to cause the ultrasound tech to immediately say 'oh my god' when the screen popped up.  So it wasn't the backache from hell after all.  Just a belated gift of pregnancy :)  I'm actually very relieved to know there's a solution now, though unfortunately the solution is surgery within the next couple weeks.  I go to the surgeon on Monday to set a date. It's bad timing with the holidays, but both doctors and myself say this needs to be done asap. 

In the meantime I need to eat a very low-fat, bland diet. In the 24 hours since I've been told this I've had a revelation about how many spicy, fatty things I love to eat.  Cut out cheese, nuts, milk, coconut, apples, red meat? And if I want to be extra cautious cut out sugar, white flour, etc.? It's an obvious ideal but it's another story when I know these things can cause massive pain. But still, I'm grieving my lack of baking in the near future, and chilis and curries, and nachos and lattes. 

Send good thoughts that I can make it to the surgery without another gall bladder attack!  Also good thoughts that Annabel didn't catch any nasty germs while hanging out with me at the hospital. 


  1. Oh, God! I hope you can get to surgery without another attack! Let me know when you're having surgery and I'll be there to help out. Work would like a little head's up, but really, I don't care what they think.

  2. Wow, that sounds awful... good luck with your surgery! Your little Annabel will actually probably enjoy your bland diet, as much as it sucks. Colin had upset tummies early on because I drank too much dairy.



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