Thursday, October 21, 2010


That word makes me gloomy. Who ever gets excited by a casserole? I don't even much like the word, much less the reheated leftovers of rectangular mush.

But today I find myself with 10 lbs of potatoes. I also find myself with one month(!) left til my due date, and some frozen meals tucked away in the freezer will probably be appreciated later. But I need your help. I refuse to make any casserole with cream of anything canned soup, a prepackaged mix of any sort, or Velveeta (I'm not sure exactly what Velveeta even is, but a quick google search reveals it is in many a casserole.) I don't like 'baked' pasta, unless someone has done it without goopy noodles and bland cheese on top. (Ok, mac and cheese may be an exception in this category.) I'm not sure how rice freezes, or how reheated meat will still be good.

So something healthy, and when reheated will seem somewhat fresh and not mush. Any ideas for someone who is inherently biased against leftovers? I did think of shepherd's pie, but not sure how well that freezes.



  1. I made eggplant parm a few days ago and it was wondeful, even the next day!

  2. I'll look around and send some recipes. I will be able to cook a few meals while I'm there, don't forget, and they won't be casseroles.

  3. LASAGNA!! yummy, yummy! roast or grill a bunch of veggies and use ground turkey and/ or chicken mixed with sausage. It freezes really well and I never have a goopy noodle or bland cheese situation. This does not, however, help with the 10 lbs of potatoes...

  4. lasagne, definitely.... & quiches
    also a spanish tortilla (not the kind you make burritos with)

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  6. A couple of pot pies could be nice! I used to make them for your your grandfather - they freeze well.



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