Sunday, July 4, 2010

my half-baked daughter

Week 20 - halfway there!  Baby girl is measuring 10 inches from the top of her cute little head to the tips of her cute little toes. She's getting big!  I also found out that I've gained 8 lbs. so far - hooray for me!  It must have been mostly in the past few weeks. I do have quite the appetite. Yesterday I made a vat of chili with everything from the farmer's market. I was telling Gabe how it will probably be even better the next day, but we'll never know. How do two people eat almost an entire dutch oven's worth of chili AND an entire dish of cornbread? I am feeling bulkier now, and sometimes move a certain way without thinking before my belly puts a stop to it. I am also walking slightly differently. I am assuming this is nothing compared to what it'll be like later.

I finally went to the doctor to see if it was indeed possible to cough up a lung and was told I have nasty bronchitis. For about 3 weeks now. My lungs hurt, I've hacked so much I couldn't breathe, peed myself and threw up (and yes, all at the same time). There's a 4-tiered treatment for this and so far I've only taken steps one and two, hoping to avoid more medication. I'm feeling slightly better but nowhere near healthy, so I think antibiotics are now in order. 

Gabe & I are spending all our free time looking at places to live come August. We have seen some weird homes - ones with no straight walls, ones with a dead cockroach in the bathtub, one with concrete floors & a woodstove.. and we're coming up empty. Either really amazing places just out of reach of our budget, or small places where we'd save money but would not be so comfortable with 3 people and 3 pets. I keep trying to be logical, and it's my husband who reminds me of things like this is where our daughter's first pictures will be taken. So then it's really easy to rationalize getting a lovely place and not saving a thing :)  I guess we'll keep looking - wish us luck!  

Here's the halfway belly:

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