Wednesday, July 14, 2010

21 weeks (+)

Oops, a bit late this week. I'm 21 weeks and 3 days. I've gained 11 pounds! I think I've left my husband speechless on a couple occasions when he saw how much I was eating.  I saw a client today who said 'wow, you're really showing now, huh?'.  As big as my belly gets it's still hard to believe there is a little person in there. A person!! That I don't need to feed or burp or anything...she's just there by some miracle and developing just fine by the same miracle. It still boggles my mind to think about. 

The biggest news this past week is that we've found a house to rent starting August. It's lovely and I think we'll all be happy there. Conan has a fenced yard to run around in, there are two patio areas, a big kitchen for me, an office for Gabe, a craft room/workshop for both of us, and a nursery and separate bathroom for the little one. The cats have their choice of windows to lounge on.  There's also a a fig tree and blueberry bushes in the back! And space for an herb garden. It's great to be able to imagine where my daughter will live the beginning of her life and where our first pictures of her will be. 

I still have a lingering cough, and the back pain has gone from intermittently bad to predictably awful by the end of every day. It feels like a giant pinched nerve. This will make moving a challenge, unless I just succumb to help (not a skill of mine). But despite these things I feel really good. I love laying in bed at night and waiting to feel her kicks. I feel grateful for my amazing husband and I love watching him become a father. I love taking my puppy to the dog park and watching him run and play with his floppy feet and watching him turn into such a well behaved boy (with some exceptions!).  I'm excited about our new place and the happy life we've created here.

Here's this week's belly pic, sorry for the weird angle and how I look like I'm in a stupor. I might have to fire the photographer and learn how to use the self-timer on the camera soon.

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