Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week 18

This past week has been a bit rough. I've had wicked bad allergies all week, so I'm constantly scratching my eyeballs, blowing my nose and hacking out a lung. It hasn't helped that it's been so hot that I've had to stay inside with the A/C on - I feel trapped inside with a bunch of allergens. Or are the allergens outside? Don't know. Then Wednesday and Thursday I had a stomach bug of some sort. No fun. Yesterday I coughed so violently for so long I threw up all over the floor. And I've had this recurring sciatica or something so yesterday I couldn't really walk either.  I'm calling the doctor tomorrow but it seems more a serious of unfortunate events than anything else. 

Baby is now measuring about 5 1/2 inches crown to rump and is about 7 oz. He or she is in the midst of a growth spurt. And while I thought my belly went down,  looking at the picture both my husband and I said wow. My scale jumped 4 lbs. in one day but I'm pretty sure that's due to a now-unstuck needle on our piece of crap $5 scale than any real weight gain.

Today's belly pic:

There are no curtains in the background because my puppy bit them and then ran in the opposite direction, pulling out the curtain rod and making a big hole in the wall. Nice. We'll have to take it out of his allowance when we lose our security deposit. The mess on the floor is because my husband is busy inventing a new type of transmission. He designed it, laser cut pieces, got some hardware and assembled it. I don't even think I honestly know how a gear works. I was in the hardware store looking through all the hardware and snickering at the names of of different nuts and ball joints.  My maturity sinks to that level when really, really bored. And this is what he does in his spare time.  Sometimes it's like living with an alien. A really intelligent alien. 

Speaking of aliens, we get to find out if our little alien is of the female or male variety in just two days. When I wake up tomorrow it will be tomorrow. Please send good vibes that baby cooperates and shows us its stuff. I'm so completely thrilled if its a boy, and so completely thrilled if its a girl, for different reasons. I still have no real intuition about it. Both my sister dreamed this past week we had a baby girl with blond hair. Gabe dreamed that we had a baby and everyone assumed girl... when we finally checked a couple weeks later we realized it was a boy!   I had a dream I was trying to breastfeed our infant while my husband went off to have an orgy with friends and hookers (I woke up so mad!!). Then I had a horrible dream about a vampire warrior who was about to kill half my group based on a combination of our IQ and our life goals. Sometimes dreams don't mean a thing.

Tonight I made some nursery art - I'll post some pictures soon. And we celebrated Father's Day - I got Gabe some onesies (well you know what I mean) that I'll post too.  Over lunch I was telling him how happy I was that my baby was going to have such an amazing dad. I asked him if he had any worries about his impending fatherhood, anything he was worried he wouldn't be able to do and he said 'yes, everything.' He did appreciate my vote of confidence though :)

Here's my clothed belly, pic taken at 17 weeks, 2 days. I think some of it is a food baby:

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