Sunday, June 13, 2010

17 weeks!

The baby is now about 5 inches crown to rump and 5 oz. (like a quarter pounder with cheese). Big enough for me to feel a kick!! I've been thinking I've been feeling some movement this past week but today I was sitting on the couch and felt definite kicks or punches or something. Still light, but unmistakable. So exciting! I can't wait until they're stronger and more frequent, and for Gabe to be able to feel them from the outside. He's quite disappointed I got to feel kicks before he did ;-)  (I think he's going to be a very involved father!)

I'm also happy because I didn't have a mental breakdown or dissociative episode. When I first got pregnant I remember thinking how WEIRD it must be to have something grow inside you and then one day you FEEL it squirming in there. I envisioned that scene from Alien or Aliens. I mean, didn't people just lose their grip on reality when they've magically made a creature that LIVES inside them??

But I guess I've had a number of weeks to get used to the idea and to anticipate it. And it was amazing and awesome! Not even vaguely sci-fi :)  This pregnancy has become so real this past week. A couple days ago I was listening to George Strait's 'I Wanna Dance with You' and started dancing around the house (hey, it was more fun than cleaning). Then I held my belly and it was like dancing with the baby. Then I realized in five months there will actually be a baby to hold and dance with. It's starting to sink in. And in just nine days I find out if I'll be dancing with my son or my daughter. Exciting!

This week's belly pic:

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