Tuesday, June 8, 2010

16 weeks (+ 2 days)

I apologize this pregnancy update is late. On Sunday I was busy driving back from SC and getting stopped by a cop. Yes, see the blog entry two posts ago that totally jinxed me. Grrr!!  I am so not a speeder either. But it went from 55 to 25 and a cop was waiting right after the sign. I slowed anyway, saw the cop and slowed further, and then my stupid ass turned around after the town to go back and get a milkshake. That is when we got pulled over. I didn't realize speeding tickets cost $200. And to make matters really worse, apparently my registration is not current in MA - which hopefully is a glitch that is fixable and won't cost another $300. See previous post, too, to see how I was getting my NC registration this week. Did I mention Grrrr!!!!

After the incident I was trying not to feel angry at myself and mopey, when I spotted a lost dog in the median on 95. This is the sort of thing that breaks my heart. Polar bears running out of ice, oil-soaked pelicans, dogs lost or in dogfights...seriously, is there an animal that isn't tragic?  I called the cops, who transferred me to animal control who said they'd go find him. I really didn't need the call an hour later to say they didn't find him. Just let me hope.  Anyway, it was a bad day and belly pics weren't high on the agenda. 

But 16 weeks, here we are. I physically feel pretty dang good. I think I have sciatica, though, or some some of lower back issue that I need to have checked out. I'm still not gaining weight. But I feel good. Here's the pic:

The baby is about 4.5" plus legs, and weighs about 3.5 ounces. About the size of an avocado, which is remarkable when you realize the uterus starts out just the size of an avocado pit. The little heart pumps 25 quarts of blood a day. Its eyes and ears are in just the right place, and the body growth is catching up to the head. 

Tomorrow I have a prenatal appt. and Gabe is coming along to hear the heartbeat. And in exactly two weeks is our big ultrasound! I'm back to thinking it's a little girl, but I think this is because I spent too much time ooohing and aaahing over the cutest little dresses at the Carter's outlet in SC.

Two other developments: right after this belly picture was taken Gabe rubbed my belly and gave a little gasp. My belly button has started popping out! I so wasn't expecting that this early. There's a little ridge along the top which is freaking me out. My other news is that I'm pretty sure I'm feeling the baby move! I think. I've felt these weird movements a few times, but dismissed them because it's really easy to, and it's still early. But yesterday I distinctly felt little thumps like popcorn popping a couple times during the day. Hmmm... 

Here's what I look like to the rest of the world right now:

 I think I'm wearing the same shirt as in a previous week for comparison.  My belly is just at the point where I don't sleep on my tummy anymore. And when in a chair I usually have my knee tucked into my chest, and that's become logistically more difficult. I can't complain though - keep growing little one!

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