Sunday, May 16, 2010

End of First Trimester!

Woo-hoo!  Today is 13 weeks and officially the beginning of the second trimester. I have heard this is the best time of pregnancy: the sickness and exhaustion passes, but you're not so big as to be uncomfortable. Here's a peek at the belly:

If you are observant you will notice two things. First, there's a baby in there. Two, I have made no attempt in any of these belly pictures to look at all presentable. Sorry about that, and sorry to my husband, but really I haven't put any effort into my appearance in the past couple months. I've been in more of a survival mode. But I think things are changing. I shaved my legs at least twice this past week AND have scheduled a haircut and 'caribbean body treatment' for Tuesday. I also started prenatal yoga weekly so I don't feel like such a blob. 

I had my first prenatal appointment this past Thursday and got to hear the little one's heartbeat again! As soon as I heard it I thought 'my little boy'. But I also have my girl moments, such as when I dreamed last night, in graphic detail, how I gave birth to a little baby girl in the corner of a parking garage all by myself. (Let's hope that doesn't happen.) I've had equal boy/girl dreams so that isn't so helpful. Gabe is thinking girl, as well as my parents. Sister thinks boy. Obviously there is lack of consensus. BUT!  Hopefully this riddle will resolve June 22nd!  That is the date of my ultrasound and let's hope baby will cooperate by being an exhibitionist. 

Our little creature seems to be doing just great and we couldn't be happier. He or she is now about the size of a peach - 3 inches crown to rump. It has fingerprints, is making insulin, and had its first poop. It's getting eyebrows, or more likely eyebrow, if it takes after either of its parents. I've gained maybe a pound or two, but most likely nothing, so I expect some weight gain to start soon. I'm trying to eat more, and hopefully I can given that I have a little more energy to cook. This weekend I made a sort of short rib stew and it felt like the first time I really cooked since getting pregnant.  (It was awesome, too, despite the 93 degree heat.)

Here is another pic with my shirt down, and you can see the beginnings of a baby bump that is visible to the outside world. It's a bit of a weird angle, but check out the shadow on the door frame:

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  1. Oh, you're showing! Can't wait to hear officially that the baby is a girl :) I'll be down soon to see the 2 1/2 of you.



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