Sunday, May 23, 2010

14 weeks

Happy -26 week birthday little one! You're getting bigger (3.5 inches crown to rump) and so am I:

This is the first week that I have enough of a belly that I feel like I can rub it and talk to the baby. It's easier to believe that there is actually something in there!  The little one is making lots of faces and movement now, and in a few weeks I should be feeling its tiny kicks!

I'm also feeling loads better and have forgotten all about morning sickness. I still have heartburn and other random body issues, and am still waiting for this mad rush of energy people talk about, but overall I'm feeling SO much better. It's nice to leave the house and not have to wonder if I'm actually going to make it to where I'm going.

I started the beginnings of a registry, to help me organize my thoughts about what is necessary and what is silly, what our preferences are, etc.  If anyone has any special recommendations please let me know!  Babyland is overwhelming to say the least. I keep thinking back to when my husband and I first talked about 'baby stuff'. He said, don't we just need a boob and a pelt, really?  I don't think we'll be quite that minimalist, but we're definitely not the type that are going to turn our house into one big nursery with lots of  plastic contraptions. (Did I just jinx it?)

Speaking of houses, we're looking to move August 1st, and we just looked at a house. We would LOVE to buy, but alas Gabe has some work to do on his credit report :(  So at least one more year of renting. It was fun to walk into a home and imagine where the nursery would be. 

Four more weeks until we find out if Baby Cantor is a little boy or girl. This week I'm feeling girl, based on two more dreams. Once we know that will help a bit more with registry stuff, which alarms me. I never thought I'd fall into the pink/blue trap. I'm not going to have a princess room or a car room for sure, and I don't think I'm gender biased as far as toys.... but I'm a sucker for the pink girly outfits and the cute tiny blue suits. Sorry to disappoint you, my inner feminist. 

Here's what my belly looks like to the outside world. I feel surprised when people don't notice I'm pregnant, but I guess the changes are always bigger to yourself. I suppose in a few more weeks it'll start to be more obvious that I'm pregnant rather than a person who perhaps just ate way too much at a buffet :)

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