Thursday, January 7, 2010


My husband said I needed to blog because he's had no idea what's been going on with me the past week. (To clarify, it's a joke.) I've been neglecting my blog a little in an attempt to get my new one up and running. It's required me to look at html code and try to make sense of it, which goes against my natural urge to throw my computer off the desk, scream and grab an advil. I plan to have it up by Monday, cross my fingers.

I got a new haircut - pictures to follow. But I'm going back next week to hack it all off. Even a bob feels too long right now. Perhaps it's these balmy winters.

Everyone is all abuzz here about the weather. It's a cold spell, the coldest winter in a long time, it's going to snow again.... This is what you hear around town, on the radio. The lady in front of me at the grocery store asked the cashier if she could even believe this weather. Today the sky was clear blue, the sun was shining, and it was 42 degrees. Yes, there are days in the mid-30s, yes the nights get into the 20s, and there's frost on the windshield in the mornings, nothing I was really expecting consistently here. But it's really not that bad. Certainly not bad enough to warrant Chapel Hill becoming a ghost town on nights that dip below freezing.

Tonight we're expected to get a coating of snow, up to an inch overnight - the second bitty snow of the whole season. It's all over the radio, with updates hourly. I'm not kidding!

This time of year in Boston is when the novelty of snow began to wear a little, your skin gets permanently dry and cracked, you wear boots daily, you can't believe your heating bill...and you still know you're in for it for a good three more months. Boston winters are icy and blustery - I haven't had one day here yet that felt icy or blustery, so thank you new town. I don't care what they're saying about you out there.

I have another bone to pick with Boston while I'm at it. Namely its expensive college tuition, that does not get along well with Southeastern median salaries. Why can't you both just play nice? Sigh. (I'll spare you my career downward spiral of mental chaos here.)

Pictures and new blog soon... for now I'm going to try to get to sleep before 5 a.m., for once this week.

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