Wednesday, January 20, 2010

domestic bliss > robin thicke creepiness

I may have been premature in declaring the end of my attraction to my husband due to that music video. Because the next day I looked in the kitchen and behold!

Most women would probably be concerned about the apron, but in my opinion that just shows commitment to the task at hand. That task was not only preparing pizza dough, but rearranging the ENTIRE kitchen. Because he couldn't find corn meal. The engineer decided our kitchen was not optimally organized to find corn meal efficiently and suddenly the cookbooks were in the living room, the cups and plates in the pantry, baking stuff where pans were, and a vacuum in the midst of it all. Of course, the whirlwind and vacuum remained three days later, and I had to clean it all up, but I'll give an A for initial effort. (Because of course when you cook 2% of the time the kitchen should be rearranged how you see fit. Ahem.)

Sigh. That came out a little more bitter than the actual amusement I feel about the whole situation. Now I am learning my new kitchen and getting ready to launch my belated new blog. Here's a big hint as to the theme....

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