Monday, September 7, 2009

so you want to see my bad side?

ok, here you go.

by the way, when your face is a mess, and you smile for a picture it looks positively ghastly. i won't post that.

my face had an unfortunate encounter with the ocean floor two days ago (picture above is two days after). it was the last wave (of course, poetic) that i was going to ride in. instead of coasting me horizontally into the shore as nature intended, it swept me up and crushed me into the ground. it was a slow-motion, horrific trauma. i got up quickly and yelled 'am i ok?' to gabe. i was prepared, really, for the side of my face to be a bloody dripping mess, and half my teeth knocked out. i saw blood on my hand but only a little. i walked shakily onto the beach, feeling my face swell with each step. i sat, put an ice pack on my face, and then gabe proceeded to take pictures. (in his defense, i was freaking out a bit because i didn't have a mirror to assess damages.)

(note boogie board of death to the right - it has skull and crossbones on it - i should have known!)

it seemed that damages were not structural - big scrapes around my eyes, swollen cheekbone, giantly swollen upper and lower lip. my front tooth hurt, the one that went through the lip, and didn't subside the next day. i absolutely could not bite anything, and even touching it with my tongue hurt. sunday night i noticed a crack in it, and googled way too much about it. i was away from home and it was sunday, then a holiday, so i'm in an anxious holding pattern until tomorrow morning. i am also anxious because i've had dental insurance my whole life until this past august 1st. gabe gets benefits three months into his job, and we bet we could go three months with no medical needs. we didn't figure in my accident prone nature, i suppose.

so hopefully the tooth is easily reparable, and i am thankful it was nothing more major. but jeez, a month before the wedding?! we also have scuba classes this weekend, and if there are any air spaces within the teeth they can explode in the pressure. so must fix asap!

besides this incident, we had a nice stay on the south carolina coast. our camera died or we would have more pictures. gabe and i agreed to get a nice digital slr, so hopefully this blog will get some decent pictures in the near future. quick story: we stopped in best buy yesterday to try out different cameras. i asked someone for help, and remembering the state of my face, explained that no, my fiance, did not in fact beat me up. it looks so much like i got punched a few times in the face that i felt the need to protect him. gabe, by the way, has been absolutely awesome in my recovery process, assuring me he'll marry me and love me even if i have a full set of dentures in tulum :)

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