Monday, August 31, 2009

It's all relative...

Yesterday Gabe and I explored Durham and toward the end of the day we went to one of the most laid back bars in all the land. There was no AC - a real rarity around here - and there were big industrial fans. A few kids played darts, and a couple people were at the bar. NASCAR was on mute, and next to that tv was another playing some Star Trek rip-off movie. There was one young guy tending shop and he seemed to know everyone but us. Gabe and I hung out reading the newspapers and chatting for a long time. When we left the bar I asked him if he wanted to go swimming tonight. Gabe said, don't you think it's a bit cold for swimming? Once we got in the car we saw that it was 84 degrees! And today was definitely grey and genuinely chilly (the first of either since we moved here). I had on pants and a t shirt and I was cold. It was 70!

I am trying to re-do this blog, and am limited by total lack of html. It's very frustrating to know what I want to do and have no idea how to go about it. I suppose I need to get more web savvy. Stay tuned for continual revisions until my never-satisfied self finally gives in to a temporary final version.


  1. If you know what you want, I can help you or walk you through what you want. It's not as bad as it seems.

  2. yeah, but i want a lot of stuff! and i want to change it without having to ask you each time. i need a sci fi thingy that allows you to download knowledge right into the brain.



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