Tuesday, September 29, 2009

an everyday night

Evenings are different since we've moved. We no longer have tv. Gabe doesn't bring his work home and rarely works past dinner. It's the best. It's also the best to live with someone who you genuinely love being with. The combination is great. Since we moved Gabe and I are having so much fun in the evenings just hanging out... usually he is fixing his bicycle, or drawing schematics for some invention or taking pictures of the cats. I am taking pictures, or cooking or trying to do something crafty. Tonight we printed out a picture of Ookpik that I took earlier today. We printed it 13 x 19. That is scary big for a close-up of a cat face. Gabe put it on the mantle and it's super weird. So weird we thought about getting rid of it, selling it on craigslist. Who would buy that, I said. Then we discussed if it's less weird to have a giant picture of your own cat or someone else's. It may be time to have children, because it is much more socially acceptable to have people pictures all over the house, not cats.

I've been playing last.fm radio lately in the evening and Joan Baez came on tonight. Here was the conversation:

Me: Ugh, Joan Baez. I know she's supposed to be all that, but seriously. Ugh.

Gabe: It's an acquired taste.

Me: Really??

Gabe: Yeah, like stabbing yourself in the eyeballs.

Then later we had an argument about whether Gabe was really dancing (she says) or whether he was just stretching his neck (he says). Silly string of non-events all the night through, but lovely.

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