Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is Gabriel's 27th birthday. He is the age I was when I first met him. (I feel like this should lead into a logic puzzle but it doesn't.) I spent the first half of the day nursing a wound, but distracted myself with cooking. I made dry aged ribeye steak, which apparently is a big deal. It was good, but not sure it's worth the splurge a second time. I also roasted green beans, asparagus and red potatoes. I forgot to do anything with the nice bread I bought. But that might be a good excuse for french toast later this weekend. For dessert my sister Kim sent me a recipe for her favorite chocolate cake. I added some coffee and served it with chocolate covered espresso beans. Easily the fluffiest cake I've ever made and very good. I made 12 cupcakes, so this may be a good time to make friends with neighbors. I made icing but it's too sweet. I don't know - I'm not a huge fan of cake so it's hard to know how it all turned out. If I'm going to have chocolate I'd personally prefer a souffle or a molten cake or chocolate croissant or hot chocolate or great piece of candy. Yum, I love chocolate. I also found a good port at Trader Joe's that went with everything great.

I also got Gabe a nice bouquet of flowers, a growler of Carolina IPA and bison jerky for an appetizer :)

Gabe's birthday present happens tomorrow. We're going on a Taste Carolina gourmet food tour of Chapel Hill and Carrboro - so excited! I WILL remember the camera this time. This blog is due for some pictures of our new home.

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